Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 3: 5/2/2012

Mysterious Dough and Harrowstone

The party started by being approached by a towns person who said he saw suspicious activity in a nearby cottage. The party went to investigate, and discovered several inanimate objects, a tied up human, an imp, and a Calzone Golem. The party dispatched all threats and where rewarded for their efforts.

The party then went back to town were they were set upon by more villagers singing and controlling stirges, for the first time making blatant threats from the Piper. The party dispatched the threats and let the villagers go. That night they were invited to a town council meeting, where they were asked to go to Harrowstone and find what was causing the hauntings. The council hall was lit on fire and as they were getting the townspeople safely out flaming skulls broke in through the walls. The party was fighting them when they heard screams from the fleeing townspeople.

As they stepped outside, there friend Spring-Heeled Jack and several of his undead allies were making way on the heroes and the townsfolk. The party fought hard, and saved most the townsfolk, though Vestro almost perished, but Ezial took the blow that would have ended Vestro.

The party decided to investigate Harrowstone. They stocked up on supplies and leveled up. They made their way into the compound and explored a rickety house, where Ezial found a few papers and a pen. They entered the main building and were assaulted by a few haunts, which they cleverly dispatched. They were also set upon by a poltergeist, spiders, and worst of all a room full of manacles! The manacles, while not posing much of a threat, were a vicious enemy to contend with!



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