Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 10: 6/11/2012

The Beast Is Innocent

The party continued their exploration of the mad scientists home. A few minor encounters and traps came up, but for the most part the party just looted and found some decent treasures, but nothing crazy. They did find some very damning evidence though, such as a cabinet filled with 33 skins from many people, and a tunnel linked directly from the sewer, easily giving the party the idea that the two crazies had pretty fricking easy access to the city to run around and be douches.

The party tries to get their rest, but Darius and Vestro have to get up and proceed to court without recovering from the night before. The trial starts with the prosecution bringing up the only witness to the chemical fire at the hospital. Vestro lets him go, and then starts his very damning investigation into Gryme and the true culprit behind the crimes. After painting a very strong case for the beasts innocence the judges go into deliberation. After about thirty minutes the call the court back into session, and chief Justice Kharb stands:

“We have heard the evidence presented before us, and thank Pharasma that we did so, for without this trial there would have been a most terrible miscarriage of justice. There are many cruelties in the world, but to lie and blame another for one’s crimes is the most terrible of sins. We have asked ourselves a question—who is the monster here? Is it this creature before us, with its broken body and terrible form, or is it we, the people of Lepidstadt, with our bigotry and lies? The Beast is innocent!”

The crowd is outraged. The judge orders the beast to leave the city, and puts the party on as an additional escort outside of the city. After some touching crap, the party escorts the beast. The beast asks his “friends” to come visit him in Scloss Caromac, to come meet his father. The beast then takes off away from the city.

Judge Daramid calls the party to her residence after that. She thanks them for helping the poor creature, and for their dedication to justice. She asks the party to please go and try and locate Count Caromac, as he has not been seen for some time, and the beast alluded to him as his “father.” She is both worried and interested into what is going on there. The party agrees, and vestro tries some cheesy pick-up lines and is dragged out by his comrades ;)

The party heads towards Scloss Caromac, and fights troll, golems, air elemental, erinyes. Raizo even falls to the rushing waters below him, but manages to pull himself to the safety of the shore. He also tears up a rust monster without fear. As they come to the end of the days journey the have to climb up another 50 feet into some kind of sewer system, where we call it a night.



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