Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 11: 6/18/2012

Cheerleader PC's - yup weak sauce boss battle - FU Paizo and my laziness

Today’s session started off with the debate on whether the party needed to go back to town. Scratch that, first they, scratch that I don’t remember.

Either way, the party ends up back in town, where they wisely decide to buy 2 wands of cure light wounds, rather than relying on one for an entire dungeon complex. They go back and retrigger the Erinyes trap, which they just adore. She beats them up pretty bad, getting to the point where Garridan locks himself in the wine cellar out of fear! But, as is a summoned creatures mo, she disappears after her rounds are up.

So the party crawls back to the sewers, where they slaughter some Vargounds, have a humorous battle with Psychedelic plant life and slay a basilisk. Deciding, after finding no loot in the first three containment cells, to get out of there Darius climbs up and finds a pathway to other rooms. They wisely ignore the fourth room with the nasty ooze in it (Yea, it was a beast too, especially at equipment eating! Glad you evaded it or I would hear even more bitching from Garridan!)

They come to a large bridge, which Darius crosses first, and opens the door to the tall building in front of them. He then runs back across the bridge. In the building is a duergar, a dhampire and a nasty golem. The dhampire and duergar give the party a chance to surrender, but the party refuses. Combat ensues. The party pulls off a victory against the threesome, and find an odd note and a hand on the duergar. Upon reading the note, they learn that this is the hand of Katelyn’s mother, and Raizo is completely distraught. Of course his friend Darius is there to cheer him up, letting him no it is certainly his fault that this happened.

So up the stairs to the big bad end guy of book 2! He is a beastly flesh golem. Vestro runs around looking for something to do, while the rest of the party engages. The thing is just a beast though, and soon has Garridan and Darius in its paralytic tentacles. Raizo is still up, and Vestro gets smacked climbing up a ladder behind the golem. Vestro gets up there and finds an odd machine, with levers and a helmet. He plays around for a minute, and is suddenly in control of the Beast of Lepidstat. The battle rages on, and Vestro tells the beast of their dilemma. The beast agrees to help and jumps into the fray with the aberrant promethean. Unfortunately, the promethean smashes Raizo into bits before he dies, but Raizo said hes still alive (even though he was at like 3 and took 40 damage Cough bullshit Pete Cough). So Garidan gets up, and is able to stabilize the unconscious party members while Darius takes a wand of speak with dead from Count Carromac’s corpse and uses it on the dead count Carromac.

Learning that their delay back to town had cost them much of their reward, they cry out for the DM’s blood. But they get back to town and I have the judge still give them some of a reward under the promise of pursuing the Whispering Way and the mysterious AA.



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