Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 5: 5/7/2012

The Pipers last tune!

Short session today. The party ran into Vesorianna, who informed them of the situation of Harrowstone.

She explained her husband the warden was recently stolen by some men. She told them that she was trying to keep the prisoners inline, but that her power was fading, and that the Splatterman’s was growing. She told them about a stash of items that would help them slaughter said bad guys.

The party went and found these items and headed upstairs. The fight a couple stirges, then run into the Piper Haunt. Vestro plays the accursed flute and it unleashes holy hell on thepiper well skeletons in the cages come to life. Most the party fights skeletons while Vestro continues to play. They finish off the haunt and also find the room where Father Charlatan was locked up, though oddly there was no attack from that room.



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