Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 6: 5/14/2012 and 5/15/2012

The Clearing of Harrowstone

The few party members that showed up for the game today decided to go down a giant pit in the ground into Harrowstones Basement. Upon touching the knee deep water ectoplasmic spirits rose out of the water and attacked Raizo. The damage was not much, but he passed out and was barraged by a vision of a lady in red who assaulted his senses and attempted to entrap him. The threat was little, except he was in the water where he began to drown.

Ezial slaughtered the ectoplasmic skeletons and stopped Raizo from drowning, though he was wrapped in ghostly chains. As Ezial screamed in Raizos face Raizo mentally battled with the lady in red, and eventually won, waking up in Ezial’s arms.

They moved into the next room that had skeletons all over the floor. The skeletons (predictably) came to life and started attacking the party. All of a sudden Garidan decided he’d help out and came awake, of course then the skeletons caught on fire. While the flame was dangerous for both Ezial and Raizo the pretty easily dispatched of the foes. A few charges from the CLW wand and the party was off to the north.

There was a portcullis to the north and and a door up on the left. The party went into the room and was attacked by a headless flaming skeleton. After dispatching of him, the opened the winch and started to go through the portcullis. Unfortunately it was a trap, and as Ezial was going in the gate fell on him and Ezial and Garidan where on one side of the gate while Raizo was on the other. At the same time the Lopper pulled himself out of a pit in the middle of the room. Battle ensued.

The battle was ferocious, with party members going down often and coming back up. The loppers weapon had a terrible bleed effect that caused his own wounds to heal with any damage he dished out. With two party members down, and two bleeding Raizo pulled everything he had for one final stirke. Releasing his lightning fist of fury he put a whole through the loppers torso, as the axe stopped an inch from Raizo’s neck, and then the loppers body falls apart.

Raizo stabilizes Ezial and brings everyone up. More expendable resources are used and the party continues on moving in a circle around the dungeon. They come to another Portcullis and this time they disable the trap. They check the other room and inside is the spirit of the mosswater Marauder, with a series of dwarf skulls on the table and two Medusa heads. The battle is short as they shatter skulls, heads and the marauder. They find a secret stash with a lot of loot.

Continuing around the dungeon Raizo and Ezial find the body of the warden. A few weak ass hands attack and Ezial is attacked by an iron maiden haunt. They overcome these obstacles and grab the wardens badge and move through a secret door in the wall. They run into (quite literally) a grey slime that destroys Ezials armor, but causes very little other harm. Luckily they had found some more leather in another stash, so he donned that.

The rest of the party came too, and walked into the room with the splatterman! A haunt starts writing their names on the wall, and they start having their Wisdom’s drained. The splatterman summons a monster and rises from the water in the middle of the room. A voracious battle ensues and the party and the splatterman are both beat senseless!! The splatterman runs out of spells, and charges the party to start attacking with his corrupted touch. He brings Ezial to within an inch of his life, to where he is doomed with one more hit. The party manages to dispatch the splatterman.

The party, beat up and wounded return to Vesorianna and she takes the badge and thanks them. She asks the party to please hunt the men who stole her husband, so he can be freed as well, and she clears Harrowstone with her husbands badge. The party feels a palpable aura clear from Harrowstone, and returns to Ravengro.

The party is approached by the townsfolk, who they tell that Harrowstone is clear. A great feast is thrown in their honer where…so far…Ezial has hooked up…Raizo has gotten engaged…and Clark has been invited to the temple of Pharasma…



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