Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 7: 5/21/2012

Experimentation Gone Awry

Tonight started out with the finishing of the Wedding of Raizo and Katelyn. All went good until Raizo got a disturbing package, threatening him and his love. He decided not to inform her, but he did tell his friends, who said who cares about that broad. So, off the party went. When they got to the next town a house caught on fire, and the party helped put out the fire. They were approached by the townsperson whose house was on fire, Sirocco who asked the party to investigate the odd light coming from the forest. Raizo agreed, and the party followed Raizo.

The party came to a bridge, and as Raizo was helping Garidan across the bridge collapsed under their combined weight. Luckily Raizo was strong and quick enough to grab onto the bridge and pull them both up. As the came up on the other side they saw a giant ancient ziggurat towering in front of them. As they approached, they notice some giant glowing orbs from the towers. The one from the tower closest them starts shooting off laser beams at the party, blasting Vestro in the face. Battle goes on, with the normal antics, except Garidan can’t seem to make it to the battle. Ezial coup de gras the boss guy while reinforcements come from the south side. The battle rages on and Garidan makes it to the fight just in time to get off a single hit.

The party investigates the orb, and can tell nothing about it. The party goes to the other side and kills the few enemies and investigates this orb. They can tell that this orb is a representation of the moon. Deciding to play with it, Ezial shoots some negative energy and decides to shoot the other orb with it.

When Ezial shoots the other orb, it fires off 6 rays, one narrowly missing Vestro, the other shooting straight through the moon orb, penetrating Ezial and causing the moon orb to explode. When the dust settles, Ezial is no where to be seen, seemingly blown up. Where the orbs were are two shimmering orbs. Vestro wakes up and grabs a stick off the ground, deciding it would be fun to poke the shimmering orb. As he is right about to poke it Clarke screams out to stop. Vestro turns around and stops, inches short of poking the orb, when Clarke explains it is a gateway to another, unknown world. The party travels back to the town where they are lightly rewarded and thanked, and are given free rest for the night.



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