Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 8: 5/28/2012

Beauty and the Beast

The party meets up with a traveling Paladin/Evil rogue duo! Comedy ensues! They join the party.

As the party is on the final leg to Lepidstat, they run into a group of carnival folk, who have stalled cause one of their numbers has gone missing. Their “leader” Kaleb asks the party to help, and Raizo and Vestro agree to aid the caravan and they attempt to track the girl through the swamp. Unfortunately, Garidan has a stomach virus, so tracking them down is not the easiest thing to do. Several hours later they find a girl lying in a clearing, and suspect a trap. Luckily for them, it was only a phase spider. A long combat ensues as the party has to continuously adjust their strategy until they get the proper formation. They win and bring Aleece back to the freaks, who give them a magic dagger as a reward.

The party travels with the Kin the rest of the way to Lepidstat, and the Kin tells the party if they ever are in need of their special services to come seek them out, and that they were welcome to come to any show for free.

The party goes to Lepidstat University where they seek out Dr. Crowl, who takes the professors books and pays the party their just reward. At the bequest of Vestro he also rewards the newer members with a small sum of the money as well, even though he’s not supposed to. He points them to his comrade Barrister Gustav Kaple, who desperately need some help defending the Beast of Lepidstat. He informs the party about the break in on the university, along with the three crimes and areas where the accused crimes happened. The party decided to make haste to the first sight, which happened to be the abandoned town of Hergstag. In Hergstag, they uncover a few clues showing that the beast is likely not responsible for his accused crimes. Then they are beset by wraiths, and after killing the leader the children turn into big wraiths, but flee. Taking what they must consider is the choicest evidence they send Vestro back to Lepidstat to argue the day 1 case while the others travel to the next site, Morast.

Vestro starts off arguing the case in favor that the beast is obviously framed. The judges do seem to take some of what he says into account, though it seems as if there are at least a few holes in both the prosecutions and defenses argument. Meanwhile, the rest of the party is speaking a redneck bastard of a man, Lazne. Lazne informs the party, for some booze and cash, while continuously spitting on the Paladins boots, that he saw the beast fleeing when last they went to the boneyard(the towns graveyard) and that there were 6 dug up bodies. The party decided to throw some gold in a crap shoot, and go investigate the isle. As they arrive they notice a manticore nest, and decide to investigate it. After looting the poor Dwarf in the nest, they cut it out of the tree, and get set upon by duhn duhn duhn, a manticore! Battle ensues and the party cut the manticore to shreds. They gather what evidence they can find and head back across the river. When there, the Paladin decided to pull out a face he found at the site, and the party is quickly chased out off town.

They bring the evidence back to Vestro, and the rogue decided to stay behind with Vestro to help with the investigations, while the party moves on too Sanctuary. They are doing quite a bit of digging that night when the DM got GF agro and had to retire for the night. Will the party free the beast?? Will they ever find out who is behind the body snatching?? Will the paladin get them killed?? Will Garidan and Clarke recover from their colds in time to help?? Find out next week on Carrion Crown!!



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