Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 9: 6/4/2012

Why I Hate LG Role Players!

The day started with the party still split. This time Raizo, Garridan and Clark were heading towards the ruins of a hospital(the paladin strangely disappeared for this session), while Vestro and Darius stayed in town to continue working on the case.

Darius went out the next morning and tried to contact the owner of the auction, but with time not on his side he couldn’t wait around long and went to the courthouse. When there no underhanded trick was left off the table, and both the defense and the prosecution pushed as hard as they could. Darius and Vestro came up with some clever arguments, but were so focused on the trial they failed to notice that the crowds were getting restless with this whole trial. As they left the trial that day, rioting broke out in the streets and the two came under siege by angry townsfolk. They defended themselves non-lethally and were able to make the crowd disperse between intimidation and diplomacy!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, close, but not to close, the other half of the party was busy exhuming coffins with no bodies in them, yet again. Odd. Then they ran into a whole with ghasts, were Raizo was set upon and paralyzed. After a partial party kill, Raizos bitching (haha) got them a reset and this time they were able to take out the ghoul overlords. There they found evidence pointing to Grymes and some other guys chymic workshop. They decided they found all the evidence they had needed and headed back to town.

The dashing duo back in town finally uncovered the fact that the tools they held were also last bought by Grymes and his companion. When the rest of the party returned, Darius was quick to point out that the plot was pushing them to the chymic workshop, where the party quickly went. After getting their ass beat by flesh golem guard dog and having a bomb thrown into their faces, the party realized they were in need of healing. For being so foolish as to not have a CLW wand, I charged them 100 GP, as it was the middle of the night, and even Pharasma needs his/her(sorry not lore familiar) sleep. The party then went to get the ghoul fevered Raizo and continue back to the workshop. They walked around and met some poor enslaved mongrelmen, who let them do what they want, then Darius decided to walk in the upstairs balcony by stacking boxes on each other. Then he opened the door to the upstairs and…

BOOM! Of course the boxes were filled with explosive chemicals, and of course the skin stealer (yes he was a skin stealer) was an alchemist with a bomb ready in hand. Explosion occurred, and everyone nearby had evasion, so it wasn’t as much fun as one might think. Battle ensued. Darius was extremely clever and kicked a crane near the opening out the window and unlatched it, giving everyone a chain to climb up. Garridan had trouble climbing AGAIN (LOL) and the party went up there. Mongrelmen came in when called by their masters, and halfheartedly joined combat. Of course, Gryme ran on the roof where Raizo Mario uppercut punched him twice for the win, and the rest of the party swarmed the skin stealer, who Vestro offered surrender too. The skin stealer agreed to tell them everything if they let him go and made Raizo swear an oath to help him escape. Raizo agrees and they make him speak, to which he adds little to their knowledge base. Darius tries to kill him anyway, and Raizo chases him and stop Darius flat. Darius is outraged and rants for several hours about how stupid everyone’s RPing is. The party decides to let the mongrelmen go, which outrages Darius even more, because they were obviously poor prisoners. The party gets ready to investigate, but I decide I better get to my lady before I make her mad and don’t get me some!!



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