Vestro Vontus

Never in your life will beauty like mine cross your path twice, so enjoy.


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Raised in the slums of Caliphas he grew up as a dock hand and was a silent child until at the age of 18 he spoke to his boss and convinced him to increase his pay, that’s when the world opened with his charm he could talk his way into most places of society he could not walk into, whether it was his charm, or his almost inhumanly charming voice Vestro was on the top of his game when he met Anne.

he was 21 she was 40 and ill, he could of played her but he feel in love with the half-elf. He helped her run her flower shop ‘the gilded lily’ until she passed 4 years later leaving him with the shop and her estate. He was saddened but his womanizing ways did not stay in mourning long and now with a will hearing in a new town, he has the kick in the pants to go and adventure.

Vestro decided his skills for the party were to pathetic, and he decided to settle down with Kendra. After the events in Lepidstat, Kendra and himself went back to Ravengro where they were wed and settled down together.

Vestro Vontus

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