Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 2: 4-23-2012
Finding Treasure, Slaying Dead

So the party started off by exploring the tomb that is referenced in the professors journal. After a short exploration of the main room they discover a trap. Vestro disables the trap, and after moving across it the next person to cross falls into a trap. Two giant centipedes come out of the wall at the party, and the party easily dispatches of them.

The party gets to the coffin on the other side and are able to find a bunch of goodies, which they quickly distribute. Lots of good undead killin’ stuff. So the party gets ready to leave and starts by throwing the sorcerer across the pit trap to the other side, where she is abruptly sneak attacked. Combat ensues with four minor undead and Spring Heeled Jack, who manages to drop the sorcerer before she can even take her first action.

The Party jumps the pit, and Spring Heeled Jack is quickly forced to retreat, to which Ezial gives chase. Unfortunately Spring Heeled Jack seems able to jump with a supernatural grace and jumps to safety. Raizo also gets dropped, but the party does manage to drop the remaining fiends.

The party heads back to town and sees a group of girls jumping rope and singing a cryptic poem in Vasirian. Vestro decides it would be fun to scare the children, and they run off in fear.

One night the town gets attacked by the waking dead, and the party comes to the rescue. The fight as valiantly as possible with Garidan, Vestro and Clark getting knocked out at some point during the fight. It is a difficult battle, but the party pulls through and destroys the living dead. Minutes later the townsfolk show up armed to help. Perfect timing right!! The townsfolk do thank them and seem to be warming up to the party.

Some more letters show up written on the Harrowstone monument, and the party finally decides to investigate the showing up of the letters, which have so far spelled out VESO. The party investigates where a little girl disappeared from, and found some tracks that they followed to a small house near the monument. The party spied on the strange man, and he seems to be normal. The next day also passes normally, but the day after that Raizo catches him dragging a body back to the monument. He confronts him, and sees that the man isn’t there mentally, and it becomes apparent that the man possessed by the Splatterman. Raizo pinned and tied up Gibbs, and brought him to the prison.

Unfortunately, before they could question him Gibbs was mysteriously hanging from the ceiling, in a way that was very likely unnatural. It looked as thought the party had done away with the letters, as they stopped popping up for over a week, yet 8 days later an R showed up painted on the monument.


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