Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 14: 7/31/2012
Damn, 2nd shitty ass boss battle

The session opened with Clark and Raizo Hauling ass, with Raizo carrying everyone’s body along. They were approached by a handful of men who looked as if they were Varisian. The leader asks “Parley” to which Raizo reluctantly agrees. The man introduces himself as Rhakis Szadro, and asks why the party has involved themselves in the Werewolf war. Raizo explains the situation, and Rhakis gives them a lot of information, and tells them that the evil werewolf clan the Demon Wolves were chasing after the Whispering Way to Feldgrau to recover the heart of Kvalca Sain. He asks the party to please find and destroy or remove the heart, and that he wouldn’t mind if they took out his rival, the leader of the Demon Wolves, Adimarus Ionacu.

The party goes back to Ascanor Lodge and rests up for the night, with Clarke curing Raizo and Garridan of their lycanthropy. The party makes way back to near the temple and finds Duristan’s tracks, as they believe he unrightfully stole their loot. The party stops off in a small town to sell a small amount of loot and pick up another wand of CLW’s, and then pick back up on Duristan’s tracks. Another two days on Garridan sees the tracks turn into werewolf tracks, and the party wonders what exactly happened to Duristan, to which they never find out, though the tracks did continue to the south east, the direction of Feldgrau.

The party arrives in Feldgrau, and kills some mooks. After a close call with some of the Prince’s Wolves, they manage to calm them and convince them that they are allies not enemies. The Prince’s Wolves give them lots of information on the events going on in Feldgrau, which proves useful, and the party goes on their way. More mook killing happens, along with too much loot, so maybe Garridan won’t bitch about being poor anymore. They start making their way to the place where the Whispering Way is. On the way, Clarke gets diseased, Raizo gets blinded, Darius gets cursed, and Bucky is a beast.

Deciding to go on rather than risking the way learning they are there by sleeping, the continue into the final encounter. Well, after a poorly thought out encounter, and the DM truly raging at the 2nd horribly designed boss battle(Really Paizo!! WTF!!) the party narrowly (gets DM saved) and scrapes buy, with Garridan releasing big damage arrow shot in the BBEG’s face, and Bucky getting an excellent Grapple.

So, I just skipped the rest of book 3(not much left anyway, but goddamn, what a let down) and what they found will be recounted here.

First: They found a Poem – The Carrion Crown:

Upon the ashen pathways tread
Softly, as the whispered dead.
As mortal flesh doth rot and fail
To leech and maggot, ebbing frail.
Unhallowed words cannot be spoken,
With whispered oath, death lies broken.
Shed fear, shed life, shed pain, shed time,
Eternity seized shall soon be thine.
First spirit torn from Grave-Lady’s grasp
Be rent and sown as soured ash.
Soft the spiral song reverses,
Judgment lost, damnation surges.
Keeper of the damned’s soul take,
With packlord’s heart the beast shall wake
And flesh be wrought in disarray—
Stillborn cocoon, to blessed decay.
A hundred slain lie innocent,
Grind bone and marrow to cement.
Craft now a skull of splintered graves,
Unmake life, unmake the slave.
Where history churns dream to blister,
Necrophagous secrets whisper
Through chronicles of Raven’s tongue—
A legacy of fear unspun.
Blood spilt atop the Iron Thorn
Invokes that which cannot be born.
Arise the Tyrant now unbound,
Bearer of the Carrion Crown!

2nd: Cleansing of Feldgrau and a dark vision:

Fortunately, the PCs can bring Vrood’s head to Ulcris
Sedmir a ghost they would have met. As promised,
the ghost performs a dark seance during which he pulls forth
_ Vrood’s memories from his severed head. The PCs experience_
these memories as a series of visions, each separated by f lashes
of bright light. Eerily, all perceive these visions as though
looking through the eyes of Auren Vrood himself.
The visions open with a furiously darting ink quill
that dashes out of a stream of words reading, “My Master,
I shall stay in Feldgrau and build an army of corpses
for our risen lord…” The sentence fades, and after a
brief f lash, hands place the letter in an envelope and
strike it with a wax seal of the Whispering Way.
Another f lash comes and the scene changes. The PCs see cultists
scurrying around in the town square, exhuming bodies
and raising an army from the corpses of Feldgrau’s dead.
After another f lash, Vrood’s hands place three strange
items into a chest—an iron-and-glass vial containing a
swirling gray mist, a bloody heart inside a glass bottle, and a fragile skull
composed of hundreds of bone fragments. Into a second
chest he places a strange statuette of murky green stone
depicting a grotesque, tentacled creature. Another f lash.
The chests are given to two riders in dark cloaks on pale
horses. “Ride to Carrion Hill,” the PCs hear Vrood’s voice
speak. “The Dark Ones will trade you the effigy for the last
piece to their accursed ritual. The aiding of them in the raising
of the abomination is an added bonus.” After a final f lash, the visions fade.

Session 12 & 13

Shit, missed two games. Went to the Ascalon lodge, fought werewolves, discovered they should go to Stairs of the Moon. Killed more werewolves, including a BBEG, and decided to try and activate the sight. While activating the sight, attacked by werewolves. Clarke runs and Raizo saves the other two escaping with two health left.

Session 11: 6/18/2012
Cheerleader PC's - yup weak sauce boss battle - FU Paizo and my laziness

Today’s session started off with the debate on whether the party needed to go back to town. Scratch that, first they, scratch that I don’t remember.

Either way, the party ends up back in town, where they wisely decide to buy 2 wands of cure light wounds, rather than relying on one for an entire dungeon complex. They go back and retrigger the Erinyes trap, which they just adore. She beats them up pretty bad, getting to the point where Garridan locks himself in the wine cellar out of fear! But, as is a summoned creatures mo, she disappears after her rounds are up.

So the party crawls back to the sewers, where they slaughter some Vargounds, have a humorous battle with Psychedelic plant life and slay a basilisk. Deciding, after finding no loot in the first three containment cells, to get out of there Darius climbs up and finds a pathway to other rooms. They wisely ignore the fourth room with the nasty ooze in it (Yea, it was a beast too, especially at equipment eating! Glad you evaded it or I would hear even more bitching from Garridan!)

They come to a large bridge, which Darius crosses first, and opens the door to the tall building in front of them. He then runs back across the bridge. In the building is a duergar, a dhampire and a nasty golem. The dhampire and duergar give the party a chance to surrender, but the party refuses. Combat ensues. The party pulls off a victory against the threesome, and find an odd note and a hand on the duergar. Upon reading the note, they learn that this is the hand of Katelyn’s mother, and Raizo is completely distraught. Of course his friend Darius is there to cheer him up, letting him no it is certainly his fault that this happened.

So up the stairs to the big bad end guy of book 2! He is a beastly flesh golem. Vestro runs around looking for something to do, while the rest of the party engages. The thing is just a beast though, and soon has Garridan and Darius in its paralytic tentacles. Raizo is still up, and Vestro gets smacked climbing up a ladder behind the golem. Vestro gets up there and finds an odd machine, with levers and a helmet. He plays around for a minute, and is suddenly in control of the Beast of Lepidstat. The battle rages on, and Vestro tells the beast of their dilemma. The beast agrees to help and jumps into the fray with the aberrant promethean. Unfortunately, the promethean smashes Raizo into bits before he dies, but Raizo said hes still alive (even though he was at like 3 and took 40 damage Cough bullshit Pete Cough). So Garidan gets up, and is able to stabilize the unconscious party members while Darius takes a wand of speak with dead from Count Carromac’s corpse and uses it on the dead count Carromac.

Learning that their delay back to town had cost them much of their reward, they cry out for the DM’s blood. But they get back to town and I have the judge still give them some of a reward under the promise of pursuing the Whispering Way and the mysterious AA.

Session 10: 6/11/2012
The Beast Is Innocent

The party continued their exploration of the mad scientists home. A few minor encounters and traps came up, but for the most part the party just looted and found some decent treasures, but nothing crazy. They did find some very damning evidence though, such as a cabinet filled with 33 skins from many people, and a tunnel linked directly from the sewer, easily giving the party the idea that the two crazies had pretty fricking easy access to the city to run around and be douches.

The party tries to get their rest, but Darius and Vestro have to get up and proceed to court without recovering from the night before. The trial starts with the prosecution bringing up the only witness to the chemical fire at the hospital. Vestro lets him go, and then starts his very damning investigation into Gryme and the true culprit behind the crimes. After painting a very strong case for the beasts innocence the judges go into deliberation. After about thirty minutes the call the court back into session, and chief Justice Kharb stands:

“We have heard the evidence presented before us, and thank Pharasma that we did so, for without this trial there would have been a most terrible miscarriage of justice. There are many cruelties in the world, but to lie and blame another for one’s crimes is the most terrible of sins. We have asked ourselves a question—who is the monster here? Is it this creature before us, with its broken body and terrible form, or is it we, the people of Lepidstadt, with our bigotry and lies? The Beast is innocent!”

The crowd is outraged. The judge orders the beast to leave the city, and puts the party on as an additional escort outside of the city. After some touching crap, the party escorts the beast. The beast asks his “friends” to come visit him in Scloss Caromac, to come meet his father. The beast then takes off away from the city.

Judge Daramid calls the party to her residence after that. She thanks them for helping the poor creature, and for their dedication to justice. She asks the party to please go and try and locate Count Caromac, as he has not been seen for some time, and the beast alluded to him as his “father.” She is both worried and interested into what is going on there. The party agrees, and vestro tries some cheesy pick-up lines and is dragged out by his comrades ;)

The party heads towards Scloss Caromac, and fights troll, golems, air elemental, erinyes. Raizo even falls to the rushing waters below him, but manages to pull himself to the safety of the shore. He also tears up a rust monster without fear. As they come to the end of the days journey the have to climb up another 50 feet into some kind of sewer system, where we call it a night.

Session 9: 6/4/2012
Why I Hate LG Role Players!

The day started with the party still split. This time Raizo, Garridan and Clark were heading towards the ruins of a hospital(the paladin strangely disappeared for this session), while Vestro and Darius stayed in town to continue working on the case.

Darius went out the next morning and tried to contact the owner of the auction, but with time not on his side he couldn’t wait around long and went to the courthouse. When there no underhanded trick was left off the table, and both the defense and the prosecution pushed as hard as they could. Darius and Vestro came up with some clever arguments, but were so focused on the trial they failed to notice that the crowds were getting restless with this whole trial. As they left the trial that day, rioting broke out in the streets and the two came under siege by angry townsfolk. They defended themselves non-lethally and were able to make the crowd disperse between intimidation and diplomacy!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, close, but not to close, the other half of the party was busy exhuming coffins with no bodies in them, yet again. Odd. Then they ran into a whole with ghasts, were Raizo was set upon and paralyzed. After a partial party kill, Raizos bitching (haha) got them a reset and this time they were able to take out the ghoul overlords. There they found evidence pointing to Grymes and some other guys chymic workshop. They decided they found all the evidence they had needed and headed back to town.

The dashing duo back in town finally uncovered the fact that the tools they held were also last bought by Grymes and his companion. When the rest of the party returned, Darius was quick to point out that the plot was pushing them to the chymic workshop, where the party quickly went. After getting their ass beat by flesh golem guard dog and having a bomb thrown into their faces, the party realized they were in need of healing. For being so foolish as to not have a CLW wand, I charged them 100 GP, as it was the middle of the night, and even Pharasma needs his/her(sorry not lore familiar) sleep. The party then went to get the ghoul fevered Raizo and continue back to the workshop. They walked around and met some poor enslaved mongrelmen, who let them do what they want, then Darius decided to walk in the upstairs balcony by stacking boxes on each other. Then he opened the door to the upstairs and…

BOOM! Of course the boxes were filled with explosive chemicals, and of course the skin stealer (yes he was a skin stealer) was an alchemist with a bomb ready in hand. Explosion occurred, and everyone nearby had evasion, so it wasn’t as much fun as one might think. Battle ensued. Darius was extremely clever and kicked a crane near the opening out the window and unlatched it, giving everyone a chain to climb up. Garridan had trouble climbing AGAIN (LOL) and the party went up there. Mongrelmen came in when called by their masters, and halfheartedly joined combat. Of course, Gryme ran on the roof where Raizo Mario uppercut punched him twice for the win, and the rest of the party swarmed the skin stealer, who Vestro offered surrender too. The skin stealer agreed to tell them everything if they let him go and made Raizo swear an oath to help him escape. Raizo agrees and they make him speak, to which he adds little to their knowledge base. Darius tries to kill him anyway, and Raizo chases him and stop Darius flat. Darius is outraged and rants for several hours about how stupid everyone’s RPing is. The party decides to let the mongrelmen go, which outrages Darius even more, because they were obviously poor prisoners. The party gets ready to investigate, but I decide I better get to my lady before I make her mad and don’t get me some!!

Session 8: 5/28/2012
Beauty and the Beast

The party meets up with a traveling Paladin/Evil rogue duo! Comedy ensues! They join the party.

As the party is on the final leg to Lepidstat, they run into a group of carnival folk, who have stalled cause one of their numbers has gone missing. Their “leader” Kaleb asks the party to help, and Raizo and Vestro agree to aid the caravan and they attempt to track the girl through the swamp. Unfortunately, Garidan has a stomach virus, so tracking them down is not the easiest thing to do. Several hours later they find a girl lying in a clearing, and suspect a trap. Luckily for them, it was only a phase spider. A long combat ensues as the party has to continuously adjust their strategy until they get the proper formation. They win and bring Aleece back to the freaks, who give them a magic dagger as a reward.

The party travels with the Kin the rest of the way to Lepidstat, and the Kin tells the party if they ever are in need of their special services to come seek them out, and that they were welcome to come to any show for free.

The party goes to Lepidstat University where they seek out Dr. Crowl, who takes the professors books and pays the party their just reward. At the bequest of Vestro he also rewards the newer members with a small sum of the money as well, even though he’s not supposed to. He points them to his comrade Barrister Gustav Kaple, who desperately need some help defending the Beast of Lepidstat. He informs the party about the break in on the university, along with the three crimes and areas where the accused crimes happened. The party decided to make haste to the first sight, which happened to be the abandoned town of Hergstag. In Hergstag, they uncover a few clues showing that the beast is likely not responsible for his accused crimes. Then they are beset by wraiths, and after killing the leader the children turn into big wraiths, but flee. Taking what they must consider is the choicest evidence they send Vestro back to Lepidstat to argue the day 1 case while the others travel to the next site, Morast.

Vestro starts off arguing the case in favor that the beast is obviously framed. The judges do seem to take some of what he says into account, though it seems as if there are at least a few holes in both the prosecutions and defenses argument. Meanwhile, the rest of the party is speaking a redneck bastard of a man, Lazne. Lazne informs the party, for some booze and cash, while continuously spitting on the Paladins boots, that he saw the beast fleeing when last they went to the boneyard(the towns graveyard) and that there were 6 dug up bodies. The party decided to throw some gold in a crap shoot, and go investigate the isle. As they arrive they notice a manticore nest, and decide to investigate it. After looting the poor Dwarf in the nest, they cut it out of the tree, and get set upon by duhn duhn duhn, a manticore! Battle ensues and the party cut the manticore to shreds. They gather what evidence they can find and head back across the river. When there, the Paladin decided to pull out a face he found at the site, and the party is quickly chased out off town.

They bring the evidence back to Vestro, and the rogue decided to stay behind with Vestro to help with the investigations, while the party moves on too Sanctuary. They are doing quite a bit of digging that night when the DM got GF agro and had to retire for the night. Will the party free the beast?? Will they ever find out who is behind the body snatching?? Will the paladin get them killed?? Will Garidan and Clarke recover from their colds in time to help?? Find out next week on Carrion Crown!!

Session 7: 5/21/2012
Experimentation Gone Awry

Tonight started out with the finishing of the Wedding of Raizo and Katelyn. All went good until Raizo got a disturbing package, threatening him and his love. He decided not to inform her, but he did tell his friends, who said who cares about that broad. So, off the party went. When they got to the next town a house caught on fire, and the party helped put out the fire. They were approached by the townsperson whose house was on fire, Sirocco who asked the party to investigate the odd light coming from the forest. Raizo agreed, and the party followed Raizo.

The party came to a bridge, and as Raizo was helping Garidan across the bridge collapsed under their combined weight. Luckily Raizo was strong and quick enough to grab onto the bridge and pull them both up. As the came up on the other side they saw a giant ancient ziggurat towering in front of them. As they approached, they notice some giant glowing orbs from the towers. The one from the tower closest them starts shooting off laser beams at the party, blasting Vestro in the face. Battle goes on, with the normal antics, except Garidan can’t seem to make it to the battle. Ezial coup de gras the boss guy while reinforcements come from the south side. The battle rages on and Garidan makes it to the fight just in time to get off a single hit.

The party investigates the orb, and can tell nothing about it. The party goes to the other side and kills the few enemies and investigates this orb. They can tell that this orb is a representation of the moon. Deciding to play with it, Ezial shoots some negative energy and decides to shoot the other orb with it.

When Ezial shoots the other orb, it fires off 6 rays, one narrowly missing Vestro, the other shooting straight through the moon orb, penetrating Ezial and causing the moon orb to explode. When the dust settles, Ezial is no where to be seen, seemingly blown up. Where the orbs were are two shimmering orbs. Vestro wakes up and grabs a stick off the ground, deciding it would be fun to poke the shimmering orb. As he is right about to poke it Clarke screams out to stop. Vestro turns around and stops, inches short of poking the orb, when Clarke explains it is a gateway to another, unknown world. The party travels back to the town where they are lightly rewarded and thanked, and are given free rest for the night.

Session 6: 5/14/2012 and 5/15/2012
The Clearing of Harrowstone

The few party members that showed up for the game today decided to go down a giant pit in the ground into Harrowstones Basement. Upon touching the knee deep water ectoplasmic spirits rose out of the water and attacked Raizo. The damage was not much, but he passed out and was barraged by a vision of a lady in red who assaulted his senses and attempted to entrap him. The threat was little, except he was in the water where he began to drown.

Ezial slaughtered the ectoplasmic skeletons and stopped Raizo from drowning, though he was wrapped in ghostly chains. As Ezial screamed in Raizos face Raizo mentally battled with the lady in red, and eventually won, waking up in Ezial’s arms.

They moved into the next room that had skeletons all over the floor. The skeletons (predictably) came to life and started attacking the party. All of a sudden Garidan decided he’d help out and came awake, of course then the skeletons caught on fire. While the flame was dangerous for both Ezial and Raizo the pretty easily dispatched of the foes. A few charges from the CLW wand and the party was off to the north.

There was a portcullis to the north and and a door up on the left. The party went into the room and was attacked by a headless flaming skeleton. After dispatching of him, the opened the winch and started to go through the portcullis. Unfortunately it was a trap, and as Ezial was going in the gate fell on him and Ezial and Garidan where on one side of the gate while Raizo was on the other. At the same time the Lopper pulled himself out of a pit in the middle of the room. Battle ensued.

The battle was ferocious, with party members going down often and coming back up. The loppers weapon had a terrible bleed effect that caused his own wounds to heal with any damage he dished out. With two party members down, and two bleeding Raizo pulled everything he had for one final stirke. Releasing his lightning fist of fury he put a whole through the loppers torso, as the axe stopped an inch from Raizo’s neck, and then the loppers body falls apart.

Raizo stabilizes Ezial and brings everyone up. More expendable resources are used and the party continues on moving in a circle around the dungeon. They come to another Portcullis and this time they disable the trap. They check the other room and inside is the spirit of the mosswater Marauder, with a series of dwarf skulls on the table and two Medusa heads. The battle is short as they shatter skulls, heads and the marauder. They find a secret stash with a lot of loot.

Continuing around the dungeon Raizo and Ezial find the body of the warden. A few weak ass hands attack and Ezial is attacked by an iron maiden haunt. They overcome these obstacles and grab the wardens badge and move through a secret door in the wall. They run into (quite literally) a grey slime that destroys Ezials armor, but causes very little other harm. Luckily they had found some more leather in another stash, so he donned that.

The rest of the party came too, and walked into the room with the splatterman! A haunt starts writing their names on the wall, and they start having their Wisdom’s drained. The splatterman summons a monster and rises from the water in the middle of the room. A voracious battle ensues and the party and the splatterman are both beat senseless!! The splatterman runs out of spells, and charges the party to start attacking with his corrupted touch. He brings Ezial to within an inch of his life, to where he is doomed with one more hit. The party manages to dispatch the splatterman.

The party, beat up and wounded return to Vesorianna and she takes the badge and thanks them. She asks the party to please hunt the men who stole her husband, so he can be freed as well, and she clears Harrowstone with her husbands badge. The party feels a palpable aura clear from Harrowstone, and returns to Ravengro.

The party is approached by the townsfolk, who they tell that Harrowstone is clear. A great feast is thrown in their honer where…so far…Ezial has hooked up…Raizo has gotten engaged…and Clark has been invited to the temple of Pharasma…

Session 5: 5/7/2012
The Pipers last tune!

Short session today. The party ran into Vesorianna, who informed them of the situation of Harrowstone.

She explained her husband the warden was recently stolen by some men. She told them that she was trying to keep the prisoners inline, but that her power was fading, and that the Splatterman’s was growing. She told them about a stash of items that would help them slaughter said bad guys.

The party went and found these items and headed upstairs. The fight a couple stirges, then run into the Piper Haunt. Vestro plays the accursed flute and it unleashes holy hell on thepiper well skeletons in the cages come to life. Most the party fights skeletons while Vestro continues to play. They finish off the haunt and also find the room where Father Charlatan was locked up, though oddly there was no attack from that room.

Session 3: 5/2/2012
Mysterious Dough and Harrowstone

The party started by being approached by a towns person who said he saw suspicious activity in a nearby cottage. The party went to investigate, and discovered several inanimate objects, a tied up human, an imp, and a Calzone Golem. The party dispatched all threats and where rewarded for their efforts.

The party then went back to town were they were set upon by more villagers singing and controlling stirges, for the first time making blatant threats from the Piper. The party dispatched the threats and let the villagers go. That night they were invited to a town council meeting, where they were asked to go to Harrowstone and find what was causing the hauntings. The council hall was lit on fire and as they were getting the townspeople safely out flaming skulls broke in through the walls. The party was fighting them when they heard screams from the fleeing townspeople.

As they stepped outside, there friend Spring-Heeled Jack and several of his undead allies were making way on the heroes and the townsfolk. The party fought hard, and saved most the townsfolk, though Vestro almost perished, but Ezial took the blow that would have ended Vestro.

The party decided to investigate Harrowstone. They stocked up on supplies and leveled up. They made their way into the compound and explored a rickety house, where Ezial found a few papers and a pen. They entered the main building and were assaulted by a few haunts, which they cleverly dispatched. They were also set upon by a poltergeist, spiders, and worst of all a room full of manacles! The manacles, while not posing much of a threat, were a vicious enemy to contend with!


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