Carrion Crown - Under A Bleeding Sun Rendition

Session 14: 7/31/2012

Damn, 2nd shitty ass boss battle

The session opened with Clark and Raizo Hauling ass, with Raizo carrying everyone’s body along. They were approached by a handful of men who looked as if they were Varisian. The leader asks “Parley” to which Raizo reluctantly agrees. The man introduces himself as Rhakis Szadro, and asks why the party has involved themselves in the Werewolf war. Raizo explains the situation, and Rhakis gives them a lot of information, and tells them that the evil werewolf clan the Demon Wolves were chasing after the Whispering Way to Feldgrau to recover the heart of Kvalca Sain. He asks the party to please find and destroy or remove the heart, and that he wouldn’t mind if they took out his rival, the leader of the Demon Wolves, Adimarus Ionacu.

The party goes back to Ascanor Lodge and rests up for the night, with Clarke curing Raizo and Garridan of their lycanthropy. The party makes way back to near the temple and finds Duristan’s tracks, as they believe he unrightfully stole their loot. The party stops off in a small town to sell a small amount of loot and pick up another wand of CLW’s, and then pick back up on Duristan’s tracks. Another two days on Garridan sees the tracks turn into werewolf tracks, and the party wonders what exactly happened to Duristan, to which they never find out, though the tracks did continue to the south east, the direction of Feldgrau.

The party arrives in Feldgrau, and kills some mooks. After a close call with some of the Prince’s Wolves, they manage to calm them and convince them that they are allies not enemies. The Prince’s Wolves give them lots of information on the events going on in Feldgrau, which proves useful, and the party goes on their way. More mook killing happens, along with too much loot, so maybe Garridan won’t bitch about being poor anymore. They start making their way to the place where the Whispering Way is. On the way, Clarke gets diseased, Raizo gets blinded, Darius gets cursed, and Bucky is a beast.

Deciding to go on rather than risking the way learning they are there by sleeping, the continue into the final encounter. Well, after a poorly thought out encounter, and the DM truly raging at the 2nd horribly designed boss battle(Really Paizo!! WTF!!) the party narrowly (gets DM saved) and scrapes buy, with Garridan releasing big damage arrow shot in the BBEG’s face, and Bucky getting an excellent Grapple.

So, I just skipped the rest of book 3(not much left anyway, but goddamn, what a let down) and what they found will be recounted here.

First: They found a Poem – The Carrion Crown:

Upon the ashen pathways tread
Softly, as the whispered dead.
As mortal flesh doth rot and fail
To leech and maggot, ebbing frail.
Unhallowed words cannot be spoken,
With whispered oath, death lies broken.
Shed fear, shed life, shed pain, shed time,
Eternity seized shall soon be thine.
First spirit torn from Grave-Lady’s grasp
Be rent and sown as soured ash.
Soft the spiral song reverses,
Judgment lost, damnation surges.
Keeper of the damned’s soul take,
With packlord’s heart the beast shall wake
And flesh be wrought in disarray—
Stillborn cocoon, to blessed decay.
A hundred slain lie innocent,
Grind bone and marrow to cement.
Craft now a skull of splintered graves,
Unmake life, unmake the slave.
Where history churns dream to blister,
Necrophagous secrets whisper
Through chronicles of Raven’s tongue—
A legacy of fear unspun.
Blood spilt atop the Iron Thorn
Invokes that which cannot be born.
Arise the Tyrant now unbound,
Bearer of the Carrion Crown!

2nd: Cleansing of Feldgrau and a dark vision:

Fortunately, the PCs can bring Vrood’s head to Ulcris
Sedmir a ghost they would have met. As promised,
the ghost performs a dark seance during which he pulls forth
_ Vrood’s memories from his severed head. The PCs experience_
these memories as a series of visions, each separated by f lashes
of bright light. Eerily, all perceive these visions as though
looking through the eyes of Auren Vrood himself.
The visions open with a furiously darting ink quill
that dashes out of a stream of words reading, “My Master,
I shall stay in Feldgrau and build an army of corpses
for our risen lord…” The sentence fades, and after a
brief f lash, hands place the letter in an envelope and
strike it with a wax seal of the Whispering Way.
Another f lash comes and the scene changes. The PCs see cultists
scurrying around in the town square, exhuming bodies
and raising an army from the corpses of Feldgrau’s dead.
After another f lash, Vrood’s hands place three strange
items into a chest—an iron-and-glass vial containing a
swirling gray mist, a bloody heart inside a glass bottle, and a fragile skull
composed of hundreds of bone fragments. Into a second
chest he places a strange statuette of murky green stone
depicting a grotesque, tentacled creature. Another f lash.
The chests are given to two riders in dark cloaks on pale
horses. “Ride to Carrion Hill,” the PCs hear Vrood’s voice
speak. “The Dark Ones will trade you the effigy for the last
piece to their accursed ritual. The aiding of them in the raising
of the abomination is an added bonus.” After a final f lash, the visions fade.



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